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GackxHyde Icon Challenge

GacktxHyde Icon Challenge
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Welcome to gxh_challenge, an icontest for the j-rockers Gackt and Hyde.

Each week there will be challenges issued, sometimes for each guy, sometimes for just one, sometimes as a battle challenge. Everyone is free to enter the challenge, but they must first join the community.

01. Animation is allowed at this community, as well as all forms of text, brushes, gradients, etc.
02. Icons must follow LJ icon specifics of 100x100 pixels, 40kb or less and be either .jpg, .png, or .gif.
03. All icons submitted must be made by you and not taken from someone else.
04. Icons made may not have been displayed prior to the contest or be displayed elsewhere until the winners are posted.
05. Do not vote for yourself or get your friends to vote for you.
06. Please host your icon somewhere other than LJ. Good, free sites such as photobucket and imageshack.
07. Please submit icons to the screened challenge posts and no where else.
08. Above all, have fun.

New challenges are posted on Mondays and you are given one week to enter unless otherwise stated. On Wednesdays a mid-week reminder will be posted and on some occassions also late Thursday/Early Friday.

When submitting, please do so as followed:


Again, please use wither photobucket or imageshack and please, please, please do not delete your icons until voting is over. Thank you.

Voting will be put up shortly before the new challenge is posted on Mondays.

Generally you will be asked to vote for three icons, sometimes more, sometimes less depending on the number of enteries.

Points will be given as followed:
1st- 3 points.
2nd- 2 points.
3rd- 1 point.

Winners will be determined based on points.

Every week a theme will be issued and all icons submitted must follow the theme.

Sometimes other challenges will be issued.

Sometimes pictures will be provided and in that case, the provided pictures must be used.

Week 1- here.
Week 2- T.B.A.

Moderator- jaynajoy
Banner Makers- jaynajoy

If you want to help out with the community at all, please comment here.

Suggestions should go here.

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